Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3) This will change the world as you know it. At least it did for me

This will change the world as you know it. At least it did for me

It's one thing to know what it means to be a real christian, but it's a whole different thing to become one. I've God to explain the most life changing sequence of events that I have ever experienced. I hope you hear this out because in all honesty it's insanely eye opening and most beneficial.  I randomly went to this Church in Helsinki. . and what ended up happening was an absolute TRIP. . God answered my prayers AGAIN, seriously right when I was thinking he couldn’t get any more prominently obvious in showing me the truth and reality of his existence. He has shown me in the most profound ways lately, that he will forever and always be. That he's here and that he's listening, that he hears and that he acts, and so much more. I just love when I can actually open my eyes and see him at work all around me, or close my eyes and feel what he wants to show me. It’s really quite profound, it’s everywhere. It’s crazy how often it is that he does this. Maybe he’s been doing this my whole life, but just now I’m suddenly becoming aware to it all. The other day I just felt down on myself because of my lack of strength, just the fact that I have been drinking at all, I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. Cause I suck at making and sticking with a limit. If I have drink then I want more, which makes me wish I never did drink at all, ever. I’m so excited for lent though. God has always given me an incredible strength during that time and I know he will this year too, and I’m so looking forward to surrendering so many things to him and making meaningful sacrifices from my life. It really creates such a strength within. Just to know how much he appreciates whatever it is that we choose to give up. . Anyway back to the present. . I was feeling down, and for some reason I could not stop thinking about the first lesson I learned at Trilogy, the lesson that flipped my world around and showed me what it really means to have a Christ centered life. To have your life be built on a strong foundation. To have no other thing before Christ, not one single other thing before him, not one single other thing that distracts you from him. To have him at the center, to have him as the bearing of our wagon wheel, to have him being the one holding everything together, to have every single thing else in our lives second to him, and present only through him. To have the spurs of the wheel connected to him, and he alone in the center. Because he is the rock, the strongest and ever sturdy, whereas every other thing is sinking sand, and if any other thing is at the center, in any other way. Then our wheel will fall apart. Everything in our lives will crumble around that central piece. Nothing can suffice but Christ, because none of us is sturdy on our own. It’s god alone that can be that center piece, and if it is then we can do anything, we can travel the world in peace, and conquering stability, or we can simply travel to work everyday for him, knowing he is why you have a job, praising him for giving us the skills and gifts we need to sustain our job, praising him for putting children, and family, and friends and all of the other countless blessings we often take for granted in our lives, and thinking of his generosity while gazing lovingly into our families hearts. I wish I could draw it out because it makes things so clear. It is absolutely profound. I will have to share the message when I get back home. I was just thinking about that, and thinking that is why things have been so hard!!! Because even though I love god, and praise him with all my heart, all of these other things take up so much time and effort and when I’m doing them it’s so easy to get carried away and sucked in to them, and that is taking me away from Christ. It is putting those things as equivalent to my love for Christ. It may not necessarily be putting them in the center of my life, but it is taking him out of the center and considering him as just another spoke, just another thing, just another wonderful, or tedious part of my life. . NO NO NO!!! Cause seriously now whats in the middle? Absolutely nothing!! Where are we going to get on our spiritual journey now?! NOWHERE!!! We are slowing our walk with Christ down way more than we can even comprehend by doing this. We’ve put it to a complete stop, the only thing that’s keeping us going is the fact that he’s picked us up along with all the other pieces of our life and he’s dragging us along. So are we still reaching out to those other things? Are we still putting work before god, or family before god, or friends before god? Are we working so hard for these people, or are we working so hard for Christ? Latching on to Christ so that he can lay everything in to place, fix it all up, and show us where we’re going and what we’re going there for. Now I’m not saying holding great value to family and values is a bad thing at all. It’s wonderful, but it will never get us as far, it will never reveal such profound grandeur as Christ will. Hands down, things might be wonderful the way they are, but I’m promising you, putting him in the center will make things go more wonderfully then one could ever even comprehend to imagine or dream about. .Anyway, now that I have shared that, I feel that I haven’t been putting him in the middle. Coming out here, things just got so mixed up and switched up, and confusing that it’s like It all had to be put together again. Christ has been carrying me “like  I said before he is faithful, even when we are faithless.” But I could sense a major switch up, something not quite there. His fullness still present, but my emptiness with more depth. Christ is the only thing that can fill us, and our lives, that’s why he’s gotta be first. If he’s not we’re never gonna feel as full as we possibly could, meaning he’s not going to use us in every way that he would like to. Also meaning that we’re going to miss out on so much rejoice. Everytime one of his children gets saved theres a party in heaven,. And boy can you feel that rejoice pouring down. Seriously its intense. So it comes to this, at work are we sharing god, sharing what he’s done for us, what he’s shown us, and therefore what are perspective is? Are we letting him pour such rejoice into us, that we sort of just can’t help but talk about him, hoping that somewhere along the line we can share a little bit of our joy because it’s waaaaay to much to handle. Haha we gotta unload it somewhere, and that’s on the people he puts in our lives. We all have an inner circle, a group of close close friends or loved ones that god has put in our lives that we can touch and reach out to better than anyone in the world. He put them there so that they can rejoice to. It’s up to us to help them receive that gift. If he is in every aspect of our life, the reason we love our family, the way that we love our family, if he’s our example, or if we love them through him, our habits or hobbies also if we’re looking up to him while partaking in them or just showing gratitude for the fact they exist. It’s really cool to see how much god does through that, and what a twist it puts on life. It’s mostly radical. . I’m so sorry I went off on that tangent,. I think it was mostly for myself, but seriously from experiencing what it is like to live those words, It IS SO UTTERLY AND ENTIRELY TRUE. And even so much more than true, it is profound the way god works when we let him work in the entirety of our lives, in every aspect of our lives. . Not just at church, and not just in our god time, or bible study time, but through the entirety of who we are and in all that we do. . SO anyway I was thinking about this message and thinking about how badly I wanted to hear it. And recollecting on how after I heard it I couldn’t stop sharing it with people. . Now more then ever I needed it. But I didn’t even make time to look for it, or sit and dwell on it, then later I realized my notes for it are in Utah. . So It was basically hopeless. But That was my prayer, just to get god back at the center, because of how wonderful life is when it is that way. . .And then,. . . WHAM. After praying that, and thinking that, the very next day, at church, can you guess what the topic was? No other than. . “God Centered Transition. Remaining God centered during life’s inevitable transitions. “ My exact thoughts, the exact thing I knew I needed, presented in a manner of which it also took into consideration my exact same situation, . .crazy right?  It’s like the pastor read my mind, or maybe god put just put this on his heart like he did mine. Also check out how freaking crazy this is. . Last service the lord did the exact same thing, but in reverse! I had a message that god had put on my heart, just this intense feeling that I needed to reach out to others and to inspire others to reach out as well, to reach out and not hoarde the treasures they’ve been given. But to share because they’ve been given enough to last them an eternity and everyone else is gonna starve to DEATH, going to SUFFER, if they don’t share. I wanted so badly to share that with everyone,. . Then guess what. My first church service,. . And . . .WHAM!!! Dude shares my message with the whole congregation for me. .Heh not exactly, but it was the same message. . Crazy right? Or maybe God just put the same thing on this other guys heart to share this vital message with the Finn’s?? Who knows,. But it’s pretty cool. . Some prayers answered: Johanna’s sister broke up with her boyfriend she’s been dating for 2 years, pretty heartbroken, but she felt she had too. God was calling her to him, and she couldn’t deny it, and he was holding her back in so many ways. She was distraught and scared he was going to turn all of their friends against her. But she asked her friends to pray, and apparently her sister witnessed some miracles, that gave her security and now she has some confidence in this. . I’m not sure details though? But maybe I’ll find out. . Either way it’s so nice to see that god really does hear our every thought and prayer. Another, amy having a hard time, emotional pain baring so fiercely causing physical, and excess sleep but constantly drained out, two problems searing down on her. I just prayed a few times. But I told her I would, then her boyfriend said he was coming out, which made her happy, and then at church today she said I’ve finally just been able to actually feel rest, I needed it so bad. Haha It might be kind of silly just to write about answered prayers in here, considering god is conducting a symphony of miracles in countless other places at this moment in time. But I find them valuable, and it’s good to know that he’s listening, and that when it is right he will act on our prayers,. That is of course if our prayers are centered around him and hold no selfish thoughts, or hopes that will really only bring us down. . Sometimes we have grand hopes that turn into desires, and when we pray for them and they don’t come to pass, then we get all down on ourselves. But God is just being a good daddy and protecting us. By choosing not to give us something that will make our lives more difficult.

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