Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4) The definition of REBEL

The definition of REBEL

“I know that all God's commands are spiritual, but I'm not. Isn't this also your experience?" Yes. I'm full of myself—after all, I've spent a long time in sin's prison. What I don't understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise. So if I can't be trusted to figure out what is best for myself and then do it, it becomes obvious that God's command is necessary. But I need something more! For if I know the law but still can't keep it, and if the power of sin within me keeps sabotaging my best intentions, I obviously need help! I realize that I don't have what it takes. I can will it, but I can't do it. I decide to do good, but I don't really do it; I decide not to do bad, but then I do it anyway. My decisions, such as they are, don't result in actions. Something has gone wrong deep within me and gets the better of me every time. It happens so regularly that it's predictable. The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up. I truly delight in God's commands, but it's pretty obvious that not all of me joins in that delight. Parts of me covertly rebel, and just when I least expect it, they take charge. I've tried everything and nothing helps. I'm at the end of my rope. Is there no one who can do anything for me? Isn't that the real question? The answer, thank God, is that Jesus Christ can and does. He acted to set things right in this life of contradictions where I want to serve God with all my heart and mind, but am pulled by the influence of sin to do something totally different.” (Romans 7:14-25)

Free or Captive, saved or stuck? Is a decision that impactful really up to us?

So it comes down to this,. Are we just going to stay content,. Stuck in our chains, unmotivated and unwilling to find and fight for something better? Trust me my friends what Christ gives is the best, better than any earthly thing I can think of, so much more incredible than any rebellious experience that I have ever had. I mean that honestly and truthfully. You know a few of the things I have experienced, but with my stories you were shown that I have lived the best of both worlds, I have lived out the extent, the very utmost of both lifestyles. I rebelled into oblivion, only to find out that my rebellion wasn’t real, that it only tore down, and messed up, it made so many unnecessary complications in my life and my friends lives. Stuff that no one should ever have to go through, it was like pure torture. Not just the fine’s and the punishment, but what it does to you on the inside, the way it destroys the hearts and the potential of the people in your life. It gets to a point where you know you can’t do anything, you deem things hopeless, you deem life hopeless, and your only choice is to watch as your world and your best friends worlds fall apart. It may not get that far, but regardless the good things about you and within you start to disappear, and you start to lose who you really are. You get lost in deceit. What I’ve realized is there is already enough screwed up and hopeless things in this world, that this world lives to tear one another down and the sad thing is that they think it actually makes them look like they’re on top, they think it makes them look cool. But did you ever stop to think maybe that’s why we live in such a screwed up world? That maybe those ‘cool’ people, the ones who are spending their time tearing others down are the reason that this world is filled with so many messed up things and awful experiences? You guys have got to know by now that the reason some people are filled with so much hatred so devoted to tearing others down is because they hate themselves and they think if they can make others look worse it will make them look better. Because if they tear others down then they’ll be able to take more from them and therefore get more for themselves. They do what they hate and they hate what they do, they lose the power to make something out of their lives and they fall victim to substances, selfishness, lust, and deceit, These things are what make us lose control of our lives. They give us cravings, impulses and desires that we can’t reject, that haunt our thoughts, that tempt us and distract us from doing anything useful or meaningful. They make us lose the capability to build a future because they make it so we can’t even learn from our pasts and they make it so we can’t build ourselves up because we’re too busy getting dragged down by the past, don’t you get it, these things cause us to drag ourselves down, without us even noticing it. They make us lose touch with who we really are and with what we’re really capable of. So many people, get to the point where they just can’t say NO to these things, . They make up all the excuses in the world, but when it comes down to it they’ve lost control, they can’t choose to make something out of their lives, because they’ve lost the capability to choose good and make anything out of their lives period. It gets to the point where your only choice is how much more am I gonna mess my life up today? People can deny this all they want, but they’re only making things harder on themselves
Why make life more complicated than it already is?
I decided life is already complicated so where is the sense in making it even harder on ourselves, come on, tell me what is the point of that? Because that’s all that life style does, the things it consists of make life straight up complicated. And honestly living with additional complications on top of the ones we already have basically prevents you from getting much of anywhere. You guys have mad potential,. SO USE IT!!!! Don’t be average like everyone else is choosing to be, why try to fit into this mess when you were meant to stand out, meant to be a part of something incredible something mad cool rad beyond belief. You don’t need to be stuck in this constant tribulation, these pointless degrading lifestyles. be great like I know you can. Because you know it will make your lives the best they can be. Don’t go down into the hopelessness like the rest of this world. Everyone is doing that, everyone seems to be tearing each other down so that they can appear as the best or the coolest. But guess what? They’re all fighting a game that can’t be won. They’re fighting to see who can screw their lives up the most. Seriously do you have any idea how many people are in that competition? How many people think they’re the coolest of cool, that they rule they’re hometown, that they are whats up. It’s a battle of deceit, it’s a competition that can only bring you down, even if you are winning it!!! (if you would like I can give you some personal experiences I’ve had to back this up. For now though I assure you it’s fact) You have got to know your better then that!!! Seriously I think you guys are winners, god thinks you guys are winners. That’s the reason he freed you from your chains. So heres what it comes down to. You can sit there like the rest of this world, so deceived that you still think your chained down and locked up and continue to be the pawn of sin, the sadness we all so badly long to be rid of, or you can run into glory. You can rebel. Choose to stand against all the pointless nonsense that is destroying people and their lives. Get creative, do something different, do something worthwhile. You aren’t constrained anymore, your free, you can work together, you can make a difference in so many peoples live. You can change this freaking world! And best of all you can wallow in the uncontainable joy that god gives. That feeling where every part of you screams out with joy because you know that your free, your burdens are got, you can run around and scream praises, your heart is pure, you are filled with goodness and you have more goodness then you can even handle. You can look around and see all of the poor people who think they’re still chained down, who are caught in hopelessness and you can show them that theres so much more. You can share the goodness and the freakishly intense joy that god has poured into you. Gosh he gives us so much of it that it pours out on its own. You can watch them be freed, you can help them be freed! Seriously do you know how meaningful that is? God’s kingdom has no fighting, no quarelling, no hatred, no stealing, no lust, no rape, no murder, no self glorification because all are in glory, because all want to build one another up, cause all love each other and because they truthfully love each other they actually care about each other. They couldn’t bring themselves to rape someone, or to even hurt someone, they couldn’t steal from their neighbor because they would actually care about their neighbor and they want him to have the absolute best, think about it. What if everyone on this planet were fighting to get the best for each other, fighting for one another instead of against one another? How insane would that be?! And the fact of the matter is that God gave us the wisdom to decipher right from wrong. He put within us the power to tell good from bad, and he expects us to choose what’s good , and when we don’t, we’re gonna be held accountable for it. God gave us wisdom to decipher good and capability to enact it, so why not work toward making these things a reality? If you think about it, the absolute only thing that is holding us back from these dreams becoming a reality is our daily decisions to choose to prevent these things. If we’re so fed up with a messed up world, then why don’t we choose to change it? If we really want a better future and better humanity, then why don’t we use the gifts God gave us to make that way. The only thing that’s preventing heaven on earth is you and I. We are the ones who are deeming it impossible by choosing not to pursue it. Why though? Do we not want it? Do we not want to better our lives? Do we not want a better world? Or are we just to lazy to fight for what we want? Let’s change this world as we know it you guys, one person at a time. . Starting with you and I. There’s nothing holding us back but ourselves, and with God the possibilities are endless. Could it be any clearer? “Our old way of life was nailed to the cross with Christ, a decisive end to that sin-miserable life—no longer at sin's every beck and call! What we believe is this: If we get included in Christ's sin-conquering death, we also get included in his life-saving resurrection. We know that when Jesus was raised from the dead it was a signal of the end of death-as-the-end. Never again will death have the last word. When Jesus died, he took sin down with him, but alive he brings God down to us. From now on, think of it this way: Sin speaks a dead language that means nothing to you; God speaks your mother tongue, and you hang on every word. You are dead to sin and alive to God. That's what Jesus did.” (Romans 6:6-11)

3) This will change the world as you know it. At least it did for me

This will change the world as you know it. At least it did for me

It's one thing to know what it means to be a real christian, but it's a whole different thing to become one. I've God to explain the most life changing sequence of events that I have ever experienced. I hope you hear this out because in all honesty it's insanely eye opening and most beneficial.  I randomly went to this Church in Helsinki. . and what ended up happening was an absolute TRIP. . God answered my prayers AGAIN, seriously right when I was thinking he couldn’t get any more prominently obvious in showing me the truth and reality of his existence. He has shown me in the most profound ways lately, that he will forever and always be. That he's here and that he's listening, that he hears and that he acts, and so much more. I just love when I can actually open my eyes and see him at work all around me, or close my eyes and feel what he wants to show me. It’s really quite profound, it’s everywhere. It’s crazy how often it is that he does this. Maybe he’s been doing this my whole life, but just now I’m suddenly becoming aware to it all. The other day I just felt down on myself because of my lack of strength, just the fact that I have been drinking at all, I SERIOUSLY HATE IT. Cause I suck at making and sticking with a limit. If I have drink then I want more, which makes me wish I never did drink at all, ever. I’m so excited for lent though. God has always given me an incredible strength during that time and I know he will this year too, and I’m so looking forward to surrendering so many things to him and making meaningful sacrifices from my life. It really creates such a strength within. Just to know how much he appreciates whatever it is that we choose to give up. . Anyway back to the present. . I was feeling down, and for some reason I could not stop thinking about the first lesson I learned at Trilogy, the lesson that flipped my world around and showed me what it really means to have a Christ centered life. To have your life be built on a strong foundation. To have no other thing before Christ, not one single other thing before him, not one single other thing that distracts you from him. To have him at the center, to have him as the bearing of our wagon wheel, to have him being the one holding everything together, to have every single thing else in our lives second to him, and present only through him. To have the spurs of the wheel connected to him, and he alone in the center. Because he is the rock, the strongest and ever sturdy, whereas every other thing is sinking sand, and if any other thing is at the center, in any other way. Then our wheel will fall apart. Everything in our lives will crumble around that central piece. Nothing can suffice but Christ, because none of us is sturdy on our own. It’s god alone that can be that center piece, and if it is then we can do anything, we can travel the world in peace, and conquering stability, or we can simply travel to work everyday for him, knowing he is why you have a job, praising him for giving us the skills and gifts we need to sustain our job, praising him for putting children, and family, and friends and all of the other countless blessings we often take for granted in our lives, and thinking of his generosity while gazing lovingly into our families hearts. I wish I could draw it out because it makes things so clear. It is absolutely profound. I will have to share the message when I get back home. I was just thinking about that, and thinking that is why things have been so hard!!! Because even though I love god, and praise him with all my heart, all of these other things take up so much time and effort and when I’m doing them it’s so easy to get carried away and sucked in to them, and that is taking me away from Christ. It is putting those things as equivalent to my love for Christ. It may not necessarily be putting them in the center of my life, but it is taking him out of the center and considering him as just another spoke, just another thing, just another wonderful, or tedious part of my life. . NO NO NO!!! Cause seriously now whats in the middle? Absolutely nothing!! Where are we going to get on our spiritual journey now?! NOWHERE!!! We are slowing our walk with Christ down way more than we can even comprehend by doing this. We’ve put it to a complete stop, the only thing that’s keeping us going is the fact that he’s picked us up along with all the other pieces of our life and he’s dragging us along. So are we still reaching out to those other things? Are we still putting work before god, or family before god, or friends before god? Are we working so hard for these people, or are we working so hard for Christ? Latching on to Christ so that he can lay everything in to place, fix it all up, and show us where we’re going and what we’re going there for. Now I’m not saying holding great value to family and values is a bad thing at all. It’s wonderful, but it will never get us as far, it will never reveal such profound grandeur as Christ will. Hands down, things might be wonderful the way they are, but I’m promising you, putting him in the center will make things go more wonderfully then one could ever even comprehend to imagine or dream about. .Anyway, now that I have shared that, I feel that I haven’t been putting him in the middle. Coming out here, things just got so mixed up and switched up, and confusing that it’s like It all had to be put together again. Christ has been carrying me “like  I said before he is faithful, even when we are faithless.” But I could sense a major switch up, something not quite there. His fullness still present, but my emptiness with more depth. Christ is the only thing that can fill us, and our lives, that’s why he’s gotta be first. If he’s not we’re never gonna feel as full as we possibly could, meaning he’s not going to use us in every way that he would like to. Also meaning that we’re going to miss out on so much rejoice. Everytime one of his children gets saved theres a party in heaven,. And boy can you feel that rejoice pouring down. Seriously its intense. So it comes to this, at work are we sharing god, sharing what he’s done for us, what he’s shown us, and therefore what are perspective is? Are we letting him pour such rejoice into us, that we sort of just can’t help but talk about him, hoping that somewhere along the line we can share a little bit of our joy because it’s waaaaay to much to handle. Haha we gotta unload it somewhere, and that’s on the people he puts in our lives. We all have an inner circle, a group of close close friends or loved ones that god has put in our lives that we can touch and reach out to better than anyone in the world. He put them there so that they can rejoice to. It’s up to us to help them receive that gift. If he is in every aspect of our life, the reason we love our family, the way that we love our family, if he’s our example, or if we love them through him, our habits or hobbies also if we’re looking up to him while partaking in them or just showing gratitude for the fact they exist. It’s really cool to see how much god does through that, and what a twist it puts on life. It’s mostly radical. . I’m so sorry I went off on that tangent,. I think it was mostly for myself, but seriously from experiencing what it is like to live those words, It IS SO UTTERLY AND ENTIRELY TRUE. And even so much more than true, it is profound the way god works when we let him work in the entirety of our lives, in every aspect of our lives. . Not just at church, and not just in our god time, or bible study time, but through the entirety of who we are and in all that we do. . SO anyway I was thinking about this message and thinking about how badly I wanted to hear it. And recollecting on how after I heard it I couldn’t stop sharing it with people. . Now more then ever I needed it. But I didn’t even make time to look for it, or sit and dwell on it, then later I realized my notes for it are in Utah. . So It was basically hopeless. But That was my prayer, just to get god back at the center, because of how wonderful life is when it is that way. . .And then,. . . WHAM. After praying that, and thinking that, the very next day, at church, can you guess what the topic was? No other than. . “God Centered Transition. Remaining God centered during life’s inevitable transitions. “ My exact thoughts, the exact thing I knew I needed, presented in a manner of which it also took into consideration my exact same situation, . .crazy right?  It’s like the pastor read my mind, or maybe god put just put this on his heart like he did mine. Also check out how freaking crazy this is. . Last service the lord did the exact same thing, but in reverse! I had a message that god had put on my heart, just this intense feeling that I needed to reach out to others and to inspire others to reach out as well, to reach out and not hoarde the treasures they’ve been given. But to share because they’ve been given enough to last them an eternity and everyone else is gonna starve to DEATH, going to SUFFER, if they don’t share. I wanted so badly to share that with everyone,. . Then guess what. My first church service,. . And . . .WHAM!!! Dude shares my message with the whole congregation for me. .Heh not exactly, but it was the same message. . Crazy right? Or maybe God just put the same thing on this other guys heart to share this vital message with the Finn’s?? Who knows,. But it’s pretty cool. . Some prayers answered: Johanna’s sister broke up with her boyfriend she’s been dating for 2 years, pretty heartbroken, but she felt she had too. God was calling her to him, and she couldn’t deny it, and he was holding her back in so many ways. She was distraught and scared he was going to turn all of their friends against her. But she asked her friends to pray, and apparently her sister witnessed some miracles, that gave her security and now she has some confidence in this. . I’m not sure details though? But maybe I’ll find out. . Either way it’s so nice to see that god really does hear our every thought and prayer. Another, amy having a hard time, emotional pain baring so fiercely causing physical, and excess sleep but constantly drained out, two problems searing down on her. I just prayed a few times. But I told her I would, then her boyfriend said he was coming out, which made her happy, and then at church today she said I’ve finally just been able to actually feel rest, I needed it so bad. Haha It might be kind of silly just to write about answered prayers in here, considering god is conducting a symphony of miracles in countless other places at this moment in time. But I find them valuable, and it’s good to know that he’s listening, and that when it is right he will act on our prayers,. That is of course if our prayers are centered around him and hold no selfish thoughts, or hopes that will really only bring us down. . Sometimes we have grand hopes that turn into desires, and when we pray for them and they don’t come to pass, then we get all down on ourselves. But God is just being a good daddy and protecting us. By choosing not to give us something that will make our lives more difficult.

2) The Reality of the Truth. We can make a difference, . So why not try?

The Reality of the Truth. We can make a difference, . So why not try?

Alright crue,. So this is how were gonna start things off this time. Short Simple, and True. . .

People who claim to be christians often turn others away from christ either with their statements or their actions, . But if that has happened to you please just know that those people are not acting on christ's behalf, they are acting on their own accord. John 6:36-38 "Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me. And once that person is with me, I hold on and don't let go." Jesus would never do us wrong. Believers are taught to be like him, meaning if we are acting as a christian is supposed to act then we wouldn't ever do one another wrong.. Alright so I know that this is almost to intense to even try imagining. But seriously if half of the christians of this world actually acted ...like this, try to think of how different our world would be?!. It would seriously be so different that it woudln't even seem like we were living on the same planet as we are right now. . You think thats intense? Imagive if everyone were christian and living the way that god intended christians to be!! There wouldn't be hunger because we'd all share our wealth, there woudlnt be war because we would care about our neighbors more than we cared about ourselves. There wouldn't be impoverished peoples and countries because we'd all be living like kings. There wouldn't be haters cause we'd all be trying to build each other up. There wouldn't be selfishness because we'd all be fighting for the same cause,. And there wouldn't be starvaion because
we'd make sure the people around us were fed before we fed ourselves. . Now I know for fact that most of you don't have to worry about these things as it is,. but Just because you are lucky doesn't mean you should stop caring about the rest of the world. . seriously we are no better than those people in third world countries who are starving, and living on the streets, (actually living in places that aren't even nice enough to have streets. . My friend went to africa recently and he said the town he was at didn't have roads, they had feet of shit, human fescies.) And to be straight up, we are no better or more capable than the people who are stuck living in that. . The only difference between us and them is the fact that we were born with wealth, we were born with homes, and food,. . we were born in a country that is richer than 90% of the rest of the world. . We were born in a place where we actually have the opportunity to fight to become something, to fight to earn something and make something out of our lives. . For those people though,. No matter how great they are, no matter how hard they fight,. the place they live restrains and prevents them from getting wealthy, or even getting food to feed themselves. I guess the basis of it all is,. whether you realize it or not WE ARE LUCKY and we are one of very few people who were born in a place where we have the opportunity to make a difference,. . So why not go out and do it?!

1) The Briefing Intro. God will straight up make your reality into a living miracle.

The Briefing Intro. God will straight up make your reality into a living miracle.

Please check out my other blog in order to get a feeling for the breakdown of this blog. It's really quite profound. It's a Majestical madd crazy, compositional compilation of some sick tight miracles. ( http://theintro-accident-and-savinggrace.blogspot.com/ )

I hope god rocks your freaking world you guys!! Since I started living for him he’s made so many mad crazy things go down in my life!!!!! Haha seriously right after camp this random opportunity to travel cross country came into my life. I met like 60 family members that I never even knew existed. When I came back to Utah, god switched my entire life plan up and I needed to move to Missouri, to some random town that I had spent 1 day in!! I had to drop everything, I had planned in my life, but I trusted what god showed me was best, and I did it. I just got back to Utah after 2 of the craziest months of my life and now I’m moving to Finland for 5 months. HAHA What?!!? God does some crazy things you guys, I don’t know how all of this came about, but I know it was his doing, and I also know that I’m not the only one who he does things like this for!! I know you guys have to envy that, but you shouldn’t, because god will make things like that and so much more go down in your life. Seriously this is just the start of it all! When I share gods word with you guys, it’s because I know that god has a freaking crazy plan for each of you, and If you guys knew what it was, you’d be fighting so hard to follow him. If you guys aren’t going to fight for that plan, then I’m gonna fight for you, because you deserve it, and god wants to give it all to you. That’s what the bible is, it’s a book of gods promises and a guideline on how to get them. It’s worth it you guys, and seriously think about it, everything of value in this life is stuff that we have to work for, if we want a house, or car, or laptop, we gotta work for it, it takes discipline. Everything of value takes discipline, and what god has to give you is the most valuable thing in existence. It is the one thing in this world that was made to make you fulfilled, complete, and truthfully satisfied. Of course its going to take discipline to get it, or to even start to see it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it! I know you guys aren’t scared of a challenge, but with that being said, why then are you scared to show a little discipline to fight toward earning the #1 most valuable thing for you?
That accident I told you all about, messed me up, it was so hard, it thrashed my life in every way, but through my accident god did so unbelievably much!!! It’s freaking crazy guys!! If your going through something hard, lift it to him, and be patient. Cause if you have faith, he will give you whats best. Sometimes we ask for things that will straight screw our lives up, and sometimes we don’t even ask for them, they just sort of come our way, and then we latch onto them, or accept them as a part of our life. Then we get angry at god when our lives are difficult or when god doesn’t give us the things we want, or answer our prayers. But trust me, even if you don’t see god answer your prayers, please have patience my friends, because I promise you that he hears your every prayer, your every thought actually. It’s just that god actually cares about you, and because of that he is not going to answer a prayer by giving you something that’s only going to screw your life up. You may beg for something, and get angry when you don’t see the answer to it, but I promise if ever a prayer is not answered it is because you are praying for something that is not meant to be, something that may seem right, but if it were to happen or come to be it would just cause additional unnecessary trials in your life.
even though it was the absolute most destructive and horrible thing that I ever could have imagggined for myyyself and I felt like I lost all of the things I had been working for: I had to move out of my apartment and back in with my parents, I had to quit my three jobs, and I almost had to drop my classes which would have made my entire semesters worth of work pointless. I was working so that I could pay for school and my apartment, and I was studying so that I could make it through life successfully. So much work that I couldn’t even allow myself to pretend like I had a life, and after that accident it looked like the past 6 months and maybe even year of my work was going to be for nothing. But I knew that accident happened for a reason and I had faith that god would show me the reasons. Throughout time he did and he is continuing to do so. Because of my accident I went to school all summer, because of my accident I got a 4.0. GPA, because of the perserverance god gave after my accident I got great letters of recommendation, and because of that I get to move to Finland and study abroad tomorrow!!! because I was stuck in Utah After my accident I was able to go to Camp Sawtooth and there god showed me you guys, some of the coolest kids I’ve met, each of you has such mad potential that it blows my mind! I’m here for you guys to help you find the extent of that potential, and use it to stand against this world. (Heh I’ll explain what I mean by that in a DLU) God showed me my passion and a tiny bit of the path he has prepped me for at that camp. .Anyway because I was forced to move back in with my parents I started going to my hometown church American fork Presbyterian again, because of the timing of my reappearance at the church I was able to partake in making a worship band at the church, because god somehow miraculously allowed me to be in the accappella choir at the university of Utah with individual voice lessons right before my accident and, there I learned that I could actually sing. As I waited in faith, for god to work things out, he did, and trust me it was hard to wait and it shook me up, but god came through, and he made all of these miracles happen through what he did too!!! All of these miracles wouldn’t have been in my life if I wouldn’t have let him put them there. Seriously you guys he’s been rocking my world, Because I took classes all summer I was a semester ahead which allowed me to move out to Joplin, where I was staying in a church where 200 people came through every week, I met friends from every state, I got to reach out to youth groups that came through, I helped orchestrate work projects and I slave labored so hard for the lord and learned so much while doing so that I could seriously probably pull off being a professional carpenter now. Haha were talking 70 hours a week of volunteer labor, no pay, just sweat and blood, it was hard, it kind of sucked at first. But as I complained and Brought it to god, he taught me, and showed me why things had to be the way they were and why we worked so hard, and what we were fighting for. HE started paying me with freaking miracles! Miracle after miracle you guys,. Haha it was so insane that for the first time in my life I wrote a journal, cause I didn’t want to risk losing all those memories, haha I ended up with 48 pages of unexplainable miraculous acts of god. All I can say is take it to god you guys. Don’t doubt!!!!!!!! Do not doubt, if that’s all your doing, then your never gonna see god at work. Your gonna be just like I was after my accident, helpless, broken, incapable, and empty. NOT EVEN WILLING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE VERY FACT THAT I WAS ALIVE WAS A FREAKING MIRACLE FROM GOD HIMSELF. I should have died on that slope, but he saved my life, with 3 miracles I can hardly fathom. And still even then I doubted, because I was focused on all that I had lost. But when I began to grow back my trust in god, and as he continued to show me that he was there I finally handed it over, I finally was able to look up, and see all of the crazy incredible things that he was doing. When I did that I let him into my life, and I let him start doing those things for me, and because of that my life is a living miracle. So why not look up you guys??
The absolute best that living life for yourself can bring you is an occasional moment that you want to hold on to. The utmost worst that living life for god can bring you is a challenge, challenges that if fulfilled will bring countless moments that are so miraculous that you honestly will not be able to let go of them